Saturday, June 24, 2006

Getting the job done

Half way through the major upgrade and all systems are running smoothly. However, it is a well-known corollary to Murphy's Law, "That if everything is going well, you have failed to check something!" We trust that this is simply not true in our case!
Karl with Alan and Steve ... playing with/praying over the SQL Server

I should note that Dann Farquhar from ITUS has provided strategic help to Karl during this systems upgrade project. As of Friday, we were running test batches and the initial user feedback from Rhoda is "good".

Please continue to pray with us as Alan has a big job in converting reports to the new version and a number of the new features will be added this week, tested then rolled out to an initial set of users.

From my standpoint, it is good to have great people who not only have skills, but dedication and heaps of intrinsic motivation.

Way to go team!

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